I started this website to upload images of wedding thingys that I like and may want to use in our wedding. 

Just shortly about Joe and me - we met in Denver, CO on a spamming convention. Joe is a spammer and I was sent by my company.  At that time Joe lived in Atlanta, GA and I thought nothing would happen, but... it did, we clicked immediately and decided to give it a chance. For a year and a half we made it work even though we lived 800 miles away and saw each other once a month. 

In March, 2009, Joe decided to move to New York, and live with me, and half a year later he proposed. We are getting married in August, only four days after the date when we met. August 14, 2010 will be the happiest day in our life, and we cannot wait for it. 

However, before we do get married, I have to do all the work, and Joe has to make all the final decisions :) We love this set up!
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