Here are some photos that I definitely want to have too

Up until last week, I was sure I did not want to have a veil.  And then, this girl at a bridal store put one on me, and I knew I could not go without one.  So, now, I want a picture like this... good thing is - this was taken by the same photographer I hired - Ryan Brenizer


Again, the photo I love by my photographer, so I want to make sure I save it and get similar :)


I want this to be our engagement picture.

Chris Jorda Pictures
These three are by Sharon's Wedding Art.
This photo belongs to knottie PBJ1975. I love the way this looks
This picture belongs to Boston Bride Knottie, and I love it.
Two pictues I took from Acrosthec's site.  I love the idea of sparklers for the night
These two are from BEBB Studios. I like the use of darkness in these pictures
I don't know whose photo this is. I saw it on a few Bios already, and I really want it too. 
This is the list I found on the planning site of Acrosthec. I don't know how long it took her to create it, but this is definitely the bible of wedding photography. I added a few things I don't want to miss.


 - with all groomsmen
 - with each groomsman
 - with his parents
 - with entire immediate/extended family
 - with flower girls/ring bearers
 - with all bridesmaids
 - with all bridesmaids
 - with each bridesmaid
 - with her parents
 - with entire immediate/extended family
 - with flower girls/ring bearers
 - with all groomsmen

Bride & Groom
 - with entire Wedding Party
 - with each set of parents
 - with both sets of parents
 - with both immediate/extended families
 - with flower girls/ring bearers
 - "Thank You" parasol or sign
 - signing the marriage license
 - random artistic shots


Getting Ready
 - bride's gown hanging on a padded hanger (preferably in front of a large window)
 - still-life shots of the bride's shoes, jewelry, etc.
 - mother and bridesmaids helping with wedding gown
 - candid shots of bridesmaids getting ready
 - father seeing the bride in her gown for the first time
 - groom getting ready with his groomsmen
 - groom and groomsmen putting on boutonnieres
 - groom's mother helping with the boutonniere

Items (at the ceremony site)
 - wedding invitation, program, directions cards
 - detailed shots of the bride's and bridesmaids' bouquets
 - rings (ring bowls with ring bearers, on the invitation/program, etc.)
 - picture down the aisle of aisle runner, pomanders, and altar arrangement
 - close up of aisle runner, pomanders, and altar arrangement

 - exterior and interior shots of the ceremony site before guests arrive
 - pictures of mothers and grandmothers being seated
 - groom entering with groomsmen
 - close-up of groom's expression while waiting for the bride
 - picture of the MOH giving the bride a "good luck" kick on the butt
 - bridal party walking down the aisle
 - flower girls/ring bearers walking down the aisle
 - bride with her dad before walking down the aisle
 - close-up of bride just before she makes her entrance
 - bride and her dad walking down the aisle
 - groom's face when he first see bride walking down the aisle
 - bride's father giving her away
 - bride and groom at the altar
 - both sets of parents watching the ceremony
 - wide shot of the altar, from the guests' point of view
 - wide shot of the audience, from the couple's point of view
 - shot from the balcony (probably will have to do most of these from here anyway, but doesn't hurt to ask)
 - close-up of bride and groom as they recite their vows
 - close-up of bride and groom's hands as they exchange rings
 - the kiss
 - close-up of newlyweds immediately after the ceremony
 - pictures of families and bridal party walking back down the aisle
 - candids during receiving line
 - bride and groom leaving the ceremony site

 - decorations
               - centerpieces and table decor
               - guest book and pen set-up
               - sweetheart table
               - candy buffet               
               - cake and cake table set-up
               - DJ set-up and dance floor
               - food set-up
 - exterior and interior shots of the reception site
 - guests arriving and signing the guest book
 - bride and groom arriving with bridal party
 - close-ups of friends and family making toasts
 - bride and groom speaking with guests
 - bride and groom's first dance
 - bride dancing with father
 - groom dancing with mother
 - bride and groom cutting the cake/toasting
 - bouquet toss/garter toss
 - lots of candids of people on dance floor/mingling
 - lots of nighttime/fun with sparklers shots
 - bride and groom leaving the reception